This is the new story of a new tomorrow, one which, were it to come and
be joyous, would be one carrying roses whose faint perfume causes one to 
remember how he had loved and lost, but with a glimmer of hope apparent
only to those who see it in the dewdrops upon its petals; and one which 
sees yesterday not as just one of a continuing saga of days, but as the new
beginning which will carry all of us mystically into the future; and one 
whose present shows us all how hard it is to cope, but shows us what can
be attained should we strive, in that truly good, but difficult to follow
manner,  and lets us know that everything will be alright.

Ah, I caught her smile in flight, and it beamed a message of hope straight
through me, directly into my heart.  That is where I find her beauty, in 
her smile.  It pervades my every being, and controls my heart and mind in 
a way that no disdained seductress can.  Where her smile leads, I will 
follow, for it is my beacon in the darkness ahead.

The change is impossible to suppress, yet as I lift my foot to step ahead, I 
cannot pull it forward.  Its weight is not the problem, it is the need
for some constancy.  Like an old oak tree, I am firmly rooted.
I must go, though.  The road is stretching out in front of me, but I can only
see the tail lights of others, no one is returning from tomorrow.

I am scared.  I have no place to go, yet I cannot stay.  The fight is not 
worth the cause, and if I were to stay, I would surely die of an empty 
heart, and an empty mind.  I lie here shivering, but I know that I must move

I am leaving.  I do not want to venture forth alone.  Please join me.

And don't forget to smile!