God on the Road

Search the left front pocket of your jeans to find the keys.
Feel for the right one, and unlock the door.
Swing it open, and slide into a comfortable slouch in the seat.
Adjust the mirrors to compensate for your laziness.
Turn the key, and hear the engine come to life.
Feel the car tremble slightly with the engagement of the transmission.
Push the accelerator down, and experience the sheer kinetic power.
Check the mirrors, turn on the lights, and live.
Look at the point ten feet in front of the car where the high beams meet.

Live within that distance, make it your own, and guard it.
Look to the side and see people going about real life, 
 or at least as life as real as Melrose Place, and
Be glad to be in your own kingdom of power.
Draw from it, feel the fire under the hood, and the road below your seat,
 as you move over the terrain effortlessly.
Know that you are alone, and be glad. 
Experience being God.

Become one with the streetlights.
Become one with the double solid yellow line.
Become one with the exits that you choose not to take.

Become one with the tool which moves you.
Become one with yourself.