'twasn't long ago that I decided to refurbish my life. In order to gain peoples' insights into life, I mailed out the following solicitation for general advice:
Subject: Solicitation for advice

Hello all,

I've e-mailed everyone I can think of whose e-mail address I know.  

I'm looking for a one-liner from everyone which contains a bit of advice
for someone in the world.  I'm not seeking personal advice for any issue
or problem, but advice or a quote to live by.

My personal favorite is a quote from Benjamin Disraeli, former prime
minister of Britain, "Success is the child of audacity." 

What's yours?

I'll compile a list when it seems that I've received all the answers I'm
likely to get, and will be happy to share it with anyone who'd like it.

-Anthony Dante Ortenzi
The responses I got back were rather enlightening... I've got to interpret the experience as a sign that people are more positive about life than I'd thought.

People tended to return quotes. In a sense, I was surprised, but upon reflection it reminded me of a point where I stopped writing poetry. I'd found that I used my writings as a vocabulary to which I referred in conversation. It was as though I'd said it all before, and expression became a matter of recall. I digress. On to the list

"Cough and the world coughs with you, fart and you stand alone" -Trevor Griffiths "The Comedians"

Err... is that why nobody likes me?

"When life gives you a lemon, make lemonade"

OK. It's a bit cold to think about lemonade, but I'll try to think warm thoughts

"Go west, young man"

OK. Was planning on it anyway. I've been living in the Eastern Hemisphere since September, and my verbal Mandarin hasn't gotten any better. Let's see if moving to Richmond gets me a snooty accent.

"Mind the gap"

Better advice than the respondant thought. It's when you're not thinking about things that the mundane challenges rip off your leg at the knee.

"Ting Ho Oolong Tea"

It's just supposed to be relaxing to say. Why stop saying nonsense things just because you've passed the age of 8? To all of you who insist on growing up, I have one thing to say... "schne!"

"Don't eat yellow snow"

Ummm... yeah, and "Don't get pissed on, get pissed off!" while we're on this urinary track... err.. tract... err... track

an old Yiddish proberb which roughly translates into: Go shit in the ocean.

Since I have no idea what this means, I'll remember back to the actions of a neighbor kid from when I was 6. "Go piss on the neighbor's Mercedes while it's parked in his driveway"

To thine own self be true.

And an addict would respond, "You can't fool all of the people all of the time, but you sure can do a good job of fooling yourself"

"It's never too late to have a happy childhood." -Tom Robbins

Err... someone pays a lot for therapy.

"A mask has but one expression, frozen and eternal, yet it is always and ever the essential expression, and to hide one's telltale flesh behind the external skeleton of the mask is to display the universal identity of the inner being in place of the outer identity that is transitory and corrupt. A mask, any mask, whether horned like a beast or feathered like an angel, is the face of immortality. Meet me in Cognito, baby. In Cognito, we'll have nothing to hide." -Tom Robbins

If you have nothing to hide, you've not looked hard enough in the mirror.

A poem is never finished, only abandoned -P. Valery

Abandoned? How dreadful a way to think of it. How about "sent off to college"?

Everything is funny as long as it's happening to someone else -W. Rogers

'cept winnin' the lottery, of course

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity." -Einstein

In the middle of a bad dream lies an 'Nsync song. How sad.

"The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy. - Martin Luther King, Jr."

Should have used this when arguing answers on a Philosophy test.

"To strive, to seek, to find and not to yield"

Harvest, baby, harvest!

"Innocence and beauty have but one enemy.....time" by W. B Yeats

"You are not as fat as you imagine" - Baz Luhrman - Everybody's Free

"With great power comes great responsibility" I do not know who said it originally but it has always been an anchor in my "somewhat" turbulent life.

Actually, the only reference I could find for this quote was Peter Parker, the character who turns into Spiderman. I thought it sounded like FDR or Truman about the bomb. It actually makes me reflect back on the times when I've been most trustworthy... it was when I was most trusted. Ugh! The horror!

"Life is what you make of it"

So it's my fault that the world sucks? Sure... pin it all on me.

OK... so we've determined nothing in particular out of the exercise, but I wanted to collect, analyze, and share.

-the Zedi Warrior